Minimenas is committed to provide customer selected goods and the Buyer undertakes accepting the goods and paying for them.

Minimenas is commited to give any relevant information material , instructions for use and anything else that is needed for proper use of the goods.

Minimenas is responsible for the packaging of the gods before transferring it to the buyer.

Seller agrees to transfer to the buyer of goods from a pre-arranged time. No later than two weeks from the purchase date .

Minimenas is committed to deliver the goods directly to the buyer at the address indicated .

Product quality must comply with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania laid down quality standards. If the seller and the buyer did not discuss the quality of goods individually, their quality should not be lower than the Buyer may reasonably expect, having regard to the production of the materials used in the process , technology, and so on.

Customer data submitted during registration will be automatically saved in the site’s database , but will not be used for marketing purposes.

The customer’s request through customer service system, the data can be removed from the database in the event of a transaction ( receipt of payment and delivery of goods)